Soundpaper is the eclectic international music duo of singer Artemisz Polonyi (Hungary) and pianist Gabriel Zucker (New York).

Polonyi and Zucker met in New York in 2013 when Polonyi was a Fullbright Scholar, and have collaborated in several creative music projects, including the 12-piece indie jazz orchestra The Delegation, performing together at several of New York’s top jazz venues. Their duo project premiered January 2016 in New York, featuring a mix of original songs and re-imaginations of folk tunes, classical repertoire, and jazz standards. This July, with Zucker in Europe on a Rhodes Scholarship, Soundpaper will be touring central Europe, in a series of wide-ranging performances featuring special guests on bass, trumpet, violin, and drums.

This is how our other collaboration sounds like (with 10 other people in the band, Delegation): video


Here is a video os Dink's Song from our latest concert at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn. Dink's Song is an American folksong to which we added some monotonous Bartokian piano accompaniment while singing somewhat traditional two-part harmony over it.